Amazon Data Engineer Interview Questions 2022


Amazon Data Engineer Interview Questions

The interviews are hard for Amazon data engineers. Those who have cleared the final onsite round still have only a 20% chance of getting the offer. But anyone can get the offer if they have the appropriate preparation. Amazon data engineer interview questions
Has following categories :

  • Behavioral questions (35%)
  • SQL questions (27%)
  • Data management questions (24%)
  • Coding questions (14%)
  • Data modeling
  • Data warehousing
  • Data pipelines

Behavioral Interview Questions (35%)

Below are the questions that amazon data engineers are asking and their hidden intent.

  1. Why do you want to work for amazon?
  2. Why do you want to be a data engineer?
  3. When did you complete a task without telling your manager? (Bias for action)
  4. Any practical examples when searching for a method to simplify things and save costs? (Careful approach).
  5. Any situation when you disagreed with your co-worker? (Earn trust)
  6. What values can you add to the company? (Dive deep)
  7. Please give me a situation when you had an opposite opinion from everyone else in any meeting. (Have backbone; disagree and commit)
  8. Tell me the most challenging project you’ve done. (Deliver results)
  9. What was your most complex challenge? (Deliver results)
  10. Tell me any decision that you made that has had an impact on your company’s success. (Result-oriented decisions)
  11. What were your for bye additions to keep the company or customer satisfied? (Customer obsession)

SQL interview questions (27%)

Billions of data fetch operations are handled daily by Amazon’s backend routinely. SQL questions are used to test the ability of the engineer to fetch and structure tremendous data amounts. So in the interview, you are tested to utilize SQL to solve real-world problems. The potential candidate should know how to use SQL queries for data modeling and warehousing problems.

  1. You have to write a query for the subscribers who are no longer active as the marketing team wants to bring back the subscribers who are not active anymore.
  2. Write an SQL query to calculate the total revenue generated by each subscriber in 2014.
  3. How can the usage_amount of previous/consecutive rows be printed, and how can it be done without the window function?
  4. Why do you think a particular error has occurred depending on a particular SQL error? How should it be investigated? How will you fix it?
  5. How will you query tune? How will you look for the issues if the query takes more time than initially? What can be the potential issues?

Data management interview questions (24%)

  • Data modeling

Create a schema to track the customer’s address where the address changes.
Design a data model for tracking the product from the vendor to the amazon warehouse for delivering the customer.
Design a data model for a retail store.
Create the required tables for the online store: to define the required relations and identify the primary and foreign keys.

  • Data warehousing

Give a schema for a data warehouse.
To capture the sales, design a data warehouse.
Help the customer support team manage tickets by designing a data warehouse.
Design a simple OLTP architecture to persuade the Redbus team to give you a project.

  • Data pipelines

How will you design a pipeline for consuming this data for a given scenario A?
For a given schema, develop a script for an ETL to give some data and write a function for every step of the process.
How will you build a data pipeline around an AWS product that can control the growing data volume?

Coding interview questions (14%)

  1. Write a function for array sorting, so the output is only the odd products.
  2. Find the non-duplicate numbers in the first list and conserve the order of the list by writing a function for it: [1,1,3,2,5,6,5] –> [1,3,2,5,6]
  3. Return the number from the list that has the maximum count.
  4. A JSON object given with nested objects writes a function that compresses all the objects to a single critical value dictionary.
  5. Find the sum of any two numbers in the array given that will be equal to x by writing a code.
  6. Write a code to get the maximum number of combinations of infinite coins of {1,2,5} that will be added to give 20 rupees.
  7. How is a stack implemented using a linked list?


How to crack Amazon's Data Engineering Interviews

Below mentioned tips will help you to succeed at your amazon data engineer interview :

  1. At Least 10 weeks due your interview, start your preparation.
  2. For the onsite interview, practice coding on a whiteboard.
  3. Practice mock interviews with professionals from FAANG companies.
  4. Consider the solutions you must provide your hiring managers to show your analytical approach.
  5. Have an excellent project portfolio and list your project in the STAR format.
  6. Go over your programming language concepts.


3 rounds. The whole interview process has 3 rounds. After the candidate applies for the job, he is screened through a telephonic interview with a recruiter. Then the candidates go through the second round, a technical phone interview with questions based on SQL and Data Modeling.
You don’t need the coding skills to get started with AWS. Without coding, many basic tasks can be done. But the need for coding and programming skills depends upon the type of the job, and you still have to learn some skills.
The interview process on Amazon can be tiring. But it is good news that their interviews are pretty consistent. So anyone who knows the structure of the interview can prepare and reduce the unseen surprises.

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