17 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services in 2022


Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

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best paying jobs in consumer services.

What is Consumer Services ?

These are the abstract services provided to households, not businesses. Consumer services examples around us include personal insurance, education, hotel companies, health care, tourism, entertainment, and home maintenance.

The global consumer services industry works on the delivery of services to consumers. These services include training, education, and cleaning services. This industry is linked to other fields, such as engineering, the science-based sector, and online services. The main aim of such services is to meet the expectations of consumers. Other consumer services include legal aid, automobile, medical and architectural services.

Another form of consumer service is online, such as shopping, paying bills, and banking. Online consumer services are opted by the people who use the internet to carry out different daily activities to better save their time and research.

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17 High Paying Consumer Service Jobs In 2022

1-Project Coordinator :

Working under the project manager, the project coordinator’s job is to manage the project at its different stages. They keep track of the critical targets and different stages of the project. So this needs them to be very detailed about the calendar and progress of the project. The salary range of the project coordinator is between $51.4k-$65k per year.
This is one of the highest paying jobs out there with a higher level of position in management.

2-Representative :

The representative earns up to 90,000$. Their services include resolving the complaints of the consumers, communicating with them, and building long-term customer loyalty.

3-Consumer Operations Associate :

They also perform the duty of resolving and investigating consumer complaints. They have an average salary of 45,170$ per year.

4-Event Photographer :

They majorly work in corporate events. Their job needs to handle large crowds and corporate employees. They are paid a lot, primarily up to $100,000 annually.

5-Director of Customer Experience :

The job of the director of the customer experience director is to ensure the best customer experience across the organization. Their annual salary ranges from $200,000-244,000. This salary is proportional to the knowledge of the person.

6-Event Planner :

This is the best career for those who meet new people. Their job includes coordinating events, organizing events, and ultimately meeting the client’s needs.Their average salary is 69000$

7-Personal Concierge :

This is a growing business with many companies adopting this service. The personal Concierge needs to be detail-oriented, prefer working with people, and has the best customer service experience. On average they earn around 41000$

8-Head of global consumer packaging :

The production, designing, and distribution of the packaging material is supervised by the Head of global consumer packaging. They are also involved in bringing innovative ideas for the packaging.They earn on average 32000$

9-Market Research Analyst :

This position is mainly concerned with collecting and analyzing data. They perform the research to gather the statistics and information used for decision-making. On average they earn 55000$

10-Event Decorator :

The job of the event decorator is to understand the customer’s needs and decorate the event according to their visual requirements. They are paid $60-80 per hour, which varies depending upon different factors.

11-Front Desk Manager :

They work primarily in small and medium-sized hotels or businesses. Their job requires supervising the front desk and training the staff. Their average pay is $67,866 /year.

12-Dealer Relationship Management :

This position requires building the relationship with the potential dealers, encouraging loans and different financing options for the buyers. Their average salary ranges from $60,000 – $102,500 /year.

13-Business Relationship Manager :

They work as the coordinator among various departments and team leads to create value, idea documents, and optimization to achieve the overall goals. Their salaries range from $44,000-$100,000/year.

14-Flight Attendant :

They work for both private and commercial airlines. Their average salary ranges from $64,446 to $99,544 /year.

15-CRM Consultant :

Their responsibilities include developing the sales leads, meeting with vendors to understand the technical issues, and recommending technology ideas. Their average salary ranges from $60,000 – $98,500 /year.

16-HVAC service manager :

They perform the duty of managing customer accounts and new employee mentoring. They are also responsible for the team organization. Their average salary ranges from $60,000 – $85,500/year.

17-Service Advisor :

Their job includes the liaison between customers and technicians. They assist the customers in picking out the issue in their cars and forward them to the technicians. Their average salary ranges from $59,000 – $85,500/year.

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Future of Consumer Services

There is no business without the customers. The companies cannot provide relevant and differentiated customer experiences to develop the relationship with the customers and avoid unexpected disruptions. So organizations need to adopt and employ different technologies, strategies, and services for customer engagement and experience.

The best company will keep an eye on the changing trend and consider future predictions to shape the best services for the customers. One prediction is that brands will generously give incentives to consumers to disclose their personal information and get cash rewards, services, and other bonuses.

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Some standard consumer services include personal shoppers, restaurant delivery, and streaming entertainment services.

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