Business Analyst vs Product Manager | Key Differences

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Business Analyst vs Product Manager

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The roles such as product managers and business analysts are involved when complicated products are developed. Both these professions have different roles even though they work together closely on the projects. Both roles have various names, such as scrum manager, engineering manager, project manager, etc. People may be confused about these roles as they have similar job titles.

Who is a Product Manager ?

The professional who does visualize the products before building them is known as the Product Manager. They also are in charge of the market performance of the product. They collaborate directly with the company to gather project-related knowledge and explain why some functionalities are included in the team. Being a customer representative, their job is to explain the concepts of the product without having to go into the technical details.

Who is the Business Analyst ?

A person is in charge of matching the client’s needs with the product results. The business analyst’s primary responsibility is to guarantee that goods produced are ordered by the clients and pertinent to the users. They link the technical and business teams by looking for faults and vulnerabilities and analyzing their effects.

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Business Analyst vs Product Manager | Key Differences

  • The difference between the product manager and a business analyst regarding the business criteria is that the product manager supervises the identification of the most significant practical challenges to address while the crew develops only comprehensive solutions. The product manager questions everything to find the most acceptable solutions to help the market and the audience throughout the project. The business analysts are the supervisors of getting the technical specifications for the product building. They decide the ”How” of a solution from the user’s stance. They investigate the internal business difficulties that might cause technical curbs on the project and feasible remedies.
  • The product manager has an outward focus as they closely monitor the market and interrelate one-on-one with the customers to obtain product opportunities. The project manager’s final goal is the product itself. They not only understand why the customers use a product but also define how the consumers should use it as it evolves continuously in terms of improvement, monitoring the product use, and keeping the success metrics in check.
  • The focus of the business analyst is inwards as they focus on the ongoing efforts inside the company. It also includes the internal systems and implementations to get the best approach to designing and supporting what the PM has asked on behalf of the consumers and the market. Business Analysts identify the opportunities in the IT environment to automate the processes and functions.
  • The product managers identify the dynamics inside and outside the business, including the happenings or shifts in the customers. In contrast, business analysts are focused profoundly on magnifying the organizations’ internal procedures
  • The product manager enhances the output of the product by examining all the functional elements, including the finances and engineering capabilities. The business analyst considers the roles, tools, time utilization, and duties for each stage of the process and related costs.  
  • The job of a product manager requires them to look more in the market and communicate with the customers to clients to evaluate the prospects. The business analyst identifies the inefficiencies in the value chain. They either remove the inefficiencies or decrease the time and resources spent on them.
  • The product manager focuses on the product and how the consumers are involved in it. At the same time, the business analyst has the top priority of building the most robust possible support for the product manager’s ideas on the market’s behalf. The project manager starts the product strategy and the roadmap that includes assisting in defining the features of the products and functionalities. They perform the industry and competitive analysis and yield onto exhibiting the unique strengths of the products that distinguish them from the competitor’s products.
  • On the other hand, the domain of the business analyst is Data, where they are expected to assist the relevant data to the product manager to let them manufacture high-quality products. Business analysts review the products from several perspectives to back the PM to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the products and how they can be revamped. A BA’S role is vital that contributes to the product manager with crucial information that includes :
  1. Which documents should be put together?
  2. How should the tracking and reporting of the project be done?
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Business Analyst to Product Manager

The core skill sets of the business analyst and product manager are similar, such as strategic thinking and communicating effectively. If a product manager wants to shift the role, he must develop one or two new skills, which can be a seamless transition.

The process of the transition between these two positions can be smooth. If, being a business analyst, you want to plunge into the product manager, go ahead and make the switch. It is also an excellent option to get in touch with the career counselor to understand how to transition smoothly.


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It cannot be answered in one word, which is better than whom. The reason is that both these roles differ in how the companies view them. But product managers are better at growing possibilities and the salary.
The business analyst is more engaged with the technological perspectives of product development, which is the main difference between both. The product manager is more focused on serving the highest value to the company and ensuring consumer satisfaction.

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