How Does Gopuff Make Money? Gupoff Business Model In Detail


How does gopuff work? Gupoff Business Model Explained

What is Gopuff, and how did it grow in the US? In this guide, we’ll explain how does GoPuff work? how does gopuff make money ? and how it has become a billion-dollar business?

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What is Gopuff?

What is Gopuff? GoPuff is an on-demand delivery platform that is based in Philadelphia. It delivers immediate daily needs from household goods, food, alcohol, drinks, and late-night snacks directly to customers 24/7. More than 500 micro-fulfillment centers are stocked with more than 4000 products in more than 1000 cities present in U.S, France, U.K. thousands of items are delivered by GoPuff in minutes. The lightning-fast delivery of GoPuff makes it the biggest on-demand delivery startup in the USA. In 2021, approximately $1 Billion of revenue was generated by GoPuff, which was 3 times the amount the platform generated in 2020.

Gupoff Business Model : How does goPuff Works?

This is an on-demand delivery platform. The items ordered by the customers include pet food, office supplies , different equipments and thousands other products .

Gopoff Business Model : It has 3 Stakeholders 

  • Buyer
  • Delivery Service Provider
  • Merchant
Customer or buyer order from the website or mobile app. Order details are send to delivery channel for further process. Delivery channel is responsible to deliver ordered product in 30 minutes through local merchandiser.
The customers can choose from thousands of items, including pet food, cleaning equipment, office supplies, and much more. The GoPuff kitchen  allows the customers to order freshly cooked meals.

How to Order From Gupoff in 3 Simple Steps

Using GoPuff is very simple.

  • Select Product

The 1st step is registration for its services which can be done on the company’s website or mobile app. The location and payment details are entered, and users can go ahead and search for thousands of items from this platform. Then one can order the product and wait for its delivery at home. GoPuff collaborates with the independent contractors on a per-delivery basis to complete these orders.

  • Make Payment

The users can make the payment in various forms such as using credit cards, debit cards, or mobile payments solutions such as Google pay, Venmo, and Apple Pay.

  • Delivery

Finally, Gupoff delivers products through its courier within 30 minutes at your doorstep.


Revenue Model : How does Gopuff make money?

GoPuff uses the following revenue models to make money.

  • Markup Revenue Model

  • The products are purchased, stored, and sold to the customers directly, which is opposite of many of its competitors that deliver items from other restaurants and supermarkets. So whenever the order is placed, the company makes money. The actual profit GoPuff earns is the difference between the sales price and all the related costs.

"With control over inventory, access to real-time order information, and direct relationships with suppliers, we also have the flexibility to quickly update and localize our assortments to meet changing customer needs. For example, we quickly added COVID-19 test kits to the platform nationwide in response to the pandemic".


  • Subscription revenue model

    The subscription program called GoPuff FAM is available to its customers, which is another way Gopuff generates its money. Valuable benefits are unlocked by the program, including no delivery fee and other discounts at $5.95/month.

  • Delivery fee Model

  • For customers who don’t have a GoPuff FAM subscription program, the company charges a delivery fee of $1.95 per order. Orders including alcohol are charged an additional $2. For orders above $49, the delivery fee is not charged. So, the profit is earned from the margins, which substitutes for the delivery fee.
  • Ad-based Revenue Model

  • The GoPuff is another vital profit resource for the company. The company sells preferential product placements to brands interested in branding their products on GoPuffs platforms. Mars Wrigley, Unilever, and Kraft Heinz used the ads strategy of GoPuff ads solutions and have noticed the exceptional repeatable results with the campaigns managed. The ads of GoPuff operate on a cost-per-click advertising model that includes advertisers getting charged when a customer clicks on their ads.

GoPuff is Preparing for IPO in Second Half of 2022

Consumer spending data shows that GOPuff is preparing for an IPO in the second half of 2022. GoPuff has seen strong U.S. sales growth in the past 3 years. Also, they have an expanding customer base and soaring spending per customer. A massive spike in the company’s sales was observed in January 2022, with a growth rate of 35% month-over-month. The primary reason for the January sales growth was that fast delivery companies like GoPuff reported the increased demand for COVID-19 rapid tests as the omicron wave heightened. In that month, the private label products were also launched by GoPuff.

Download GoPuff App

Gopuff has a mobile friendly application through which you can order the different products easily within seconds.
For android : Download Gupoff
For IOS : Download Gupoff


In this brief article, we’ve covered how does GoPuff works and what is gupoff business model. We hope you got all the information you need about how does GoPuff make money and how GoPuff provides services.It looks like they’ve got a great business model and revenue streams. They may not be out to ‘completely disrupt’ the delivery market. Still, they are shaking up their segment and attracting new customers through the unique value proposition of fast delivery at a reasonable price.

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