How long to hear back from job application ?


how Long to Hear Back From Job Application [answered]

The feeling of submitting the job application is good, but how long to hear back from job application?

Each day without any update from the company, the candidate’s anxiety worsens. Most will start wondering ever they’ll hear back from them. It takes one to two weeks to get a response after applying for the job. For a high-priority job, the employer will respond earlier. The same goes for small and systematic organizations. Occasionally it takes longer for an employer to respond to a job application or resume submission.

It is also possible to wait for 3 to 4 weeks and get a response from the employer with affirmative news. This can be due to the employer being busy with other business objectives, setting a new hiring budget at the beginning of the year, or so many other reasons.

But it is not specifically typical. So it is a rough guess that you can deduce that the company will not be called after two weeks. So it is better to focus on applying for more jobs and engage with the employers again. If you continue waiting for the individual employee to respond, it will only increase their anxiety and reduce the number of options you have in the job search, leading you to stay unemployed for a longer time.

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Tips to Get Faster Response

There is no guaranteed way that you will get a response for the job you have applied for, but you can still use some ways to make sure that you tried your best to engage with an employer related to your candidacy. So these are a few tips to get a rapid response about your application :

  • Only apply for the jobs where you meet most of your requirements, if not all. It will give you the surety that you only applied for the jobs where you have a high chance of getting a reply.
  • Keep your salary expectations negotiable if the application asks for your salary expectations. The employer may not consider you if you have set your expectations in your application because of your particular expectations.
  • Ensure your resume and cover letter match the keywords in the job description. Most employers use the ATS, which allows them to screen and select the applicants with the most relevant keywords required for the job description.

How Long You Should Wait ?

The hiring process apparently takes a lot of time but the time period for the employer is different than the applicants. Some of the companies hire for the positions urgently, others take a lot of time. The haste to fill the role urgently is not the same within different companies. People have actually reported differing experiences during the job search :

  • 44 % of candidates got responses from the employers in 2-3 weeks before applying.


  • 37% of the candidates got responses from the employers in 1 week.


  • Only 4% of the candidates got responses from the employers within 1 day.

What to do if you can't hear back

  • The candidate must say thank you to the people who interviewed her. The thank you message should show that you are energetic about your job and enthusiastic about joining.
  • Another great point is to add personal comments, such as any positive instant during the interview, in your thank you note. Mention the names of your interviewers in your thank you message.
  • Your should engage with your interviewers or connect with them on LinkedIn and send them a personalized thank you note.
  • Along with your thank you note, it is advised to send supporting material such as a portfolio and sample of work related to the job position. Any work sample or portfolio is a great way to strengthen your profile and add positive support to your case.

Practice 2 Things to Get Distraced

1. Practice Self-Care

The most crucial aspect of job hunting is to practice self-care. It is naturally disappointing when candidates don’t hear back from their employers. Take some time to understand your feelings but don’t stick to them for the long term. 

There are many ways to feel good about yourself, including spending time with family and friends, exercising, practicing your favorite hobby, and volunteering. It is essential to understand that all your hard work will pay off one day, not according to your imaginative timeline. As you wait for the following opportunities, nurture your mind and body and stick to the positive outlook

2.Keep Your Fingers Crossed

It is good to be prepared for negative feedback. You don’t even know why the job is not offered to you. The reasons could include having a hiring freeze or the senior management being unsure about filling the position. So it is better to stay on track with exploring opportunities.

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Principles to Remember
  • Do’s :
  1. Show your gratitude to the hiring manager in either a handwritten note or an e-mail.
  2. Provide them the backup support material, such as a portfolio, a sample of your work, and previous projects.
  • Don’ts :
  1. Not searching for other jobs. Staying at the 1 place, with 1 job, and not moving forward.
  2. Taking all the stress on yourself. Distract yourself with positive activities during this period.

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