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How to hire React Developer ?

The most important factor that should be taken into account is the person who fits their role and the company culture. The company culture should be defined to gather like-minded people, keep them engaged and develop a solid team. That is why people stay or leave. So simply look for the candidates with the same values that the company believes in.

Developing the hiring funnel

As you know what your needs are, then practically build the process. The complete hiring process is divided into the steps known as the hiring funnel.
The hiring funnel should look like:-

Candidate screening

At this stage the potential candidates are gathered based on their experience, skills and passion.

Test task

A test task is used to help the candidates actually display their potential. The test task is totally unfamiliar for the candidate so that they know if they can find the solutions for the unknown problems.

Technical Test

For the React.JS developer the technical test revolves around the JavaScript language. It is good to use open-ended questions. This will help the employers to test the knowledge of the candidate and also find out their way of thinking.


After the complete assessment of the candidates knowledge the hiring team should decide their take on the candidate, if you want to interview them or not.


In the interview the hiring team should test the technical skills, soft skills, and general mindset of the employee

Final Decision

Now the company should discuss with each other if they are satisfied with the candidate or not for hiring.

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Tools For Successful Hiring of the React Developers

For communication the best tools are Gmail, Skype and phone calls.

For job ad posting you should use LinkedIn, Newspaper ads, Facebook groups, Indeed and paid job hunting tools. 

Tools for all the features include RecruiteeWorkable, and Personio.

How to Establish the Hiring Process

  1. Determine what you are looking for as a candidate.
  2. Understand the qualities you desire in your future employee and how they should be aligned with the company culture.
  3. Develop the hiring funnel.
  4. Get all the material that is needed to perform the test and interviews perfectly.
  5. Choose the tools that are required to conduct the complete process effectively.

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Why Outsource React JS Development ?

Wider Talent Pool

With outsourcing, you are not limited to specific geography. This means, for example, if tax rates in your country are too high or there are no suitable experts in your region, you can solve this problem easily by expanding your search.

Besides, depending on your situation, you can hire an individual developer or an entire team of developers, managers, business analysts, and so on. When hiring an outsourced team, you can be sure you are hiring experts that are comfortable working together. This approach leads to fewer misunderstandings and allows issues to be resolved in a timely manner.

Scaling flexibility

When it comes to tech, competition can be unpredictable leaving you unsure what your project will require from day to day. For example, a new opportunity may arise and you want to increase the speed of the development process with more experts. However, hiring additional talents in the middle of a project is not easy and can hinder the entire workflow if it takes too long.

At the same time, you may find you overestimated the project and hired more developers than needed. In this case, asking people to leave may be challenging.

Outsourcing gives you more flexibility when it comes to project scaling. You can easily scale your React.js team up and down on the go with no aftermath.


Building a team of in-house React.js developers won’t be favorable to your pocket — just think of hiring and onboarding costs, office rent, electricity bills, and beyond. Hiring a ready-made offshore React development team for your project is much more cost-effective.

Besides, outsourcing abroad can cut your development costs even more. For example, while Swiss developers make on average $125 000 per year, a senior Ukrainian React.js developer will cost you a bit over $20,000.

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The best candidate must fit in the company needs. They should be zealous about learning and hardworking individuals. The best candidate must be open-minded and should be a team player.

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