Is Computer Engineering really hard ?


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is computer engineering hard
Is computer engineering really hard ?

Is Computer Engineering really hard?

If you want to know complete details regarding computer engineering as a student or as a career you are at the right place. This article includes information regarding what is computer engineering? What is their job? What skills are needed to become computer engineering? Salary, future scope and brief details about this degree. After reading this article you will learn that Is Computer Engineering really hard? or its just a myth so let’s dive in.

What is Computer Engineering?

The combination of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering is called Computer Engineering. So the difficulty of this subject is twice the combination of two degrees.

What does a Computer Engineer do?

Computer engineers build systems such as automotive systems, telephones, aircrafts, electronic devices, and communication networks. Computer engineers also create software or hardware that runs in the systems.

So is it tough to study computer engineering?

Computer engineering students face many tremendous theoretical subjects and complicated practical exercises. This major requires logical and technical thinking. The best way to succeed as a computer engineering student is to have a hard-working spirit and be able to practice hard. Having these good qualities allows you to become a sound computer engineer.
But being a computer engineering student, you must experience the following classes:-

  • Tough quantitative courses.
  • Difficult technical classes.
  • Polishing practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

Theoretical Courses

This field has both theoretical courses as well as lab courses. Theoretical courses include Data Structures, Distributed Computation, Algorithms etc., So one can assume that it is easier than an electrical engineering degree but more complicated than a computer science degree.The difficulty is perceived differently by different people depending on each person’s abilities and efforts.

Technical Courses

This major has advanced courses such as computer system security, embedded applications, network softwares and operating systems that display emerging challenges. They require you to study many theories and practical projects demonstrating your understanding level. The computer engineering degree also requires much learning from electrical engineering lectures. These lectures may be introductory but require studying a broad range of complex ideas.

Benefits of Choosing Computer Engineering as a Career

Lucrative Packages

  • Entry level positions start at $97,634/yr
  • Average computer engineer salary is $132,247/yr
  • Experienced workers make up to $180,000/yr

Promising Future

The growth of this field in the future is quite apparent. The growth rate is prolonged but is still on the rise. Generally, it indicates a promising future and a safe career field. The U.S. Department of Agriculture released a report on the demand for computer engineers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has concluded that computer engineers have much demand. The number of positions of computer engineers doubles every year that the number of graduates of computer engineering.

You can get some of the incredible benefits from the computer engineering field, such as different job opportunities due to a high demand in tech-related fields, high salaries, respect in the job position, and being able to improve the people’s lives around you. Due to the sudden proliferation of technology in various sectors of society, many job opportunities have been opened for computer engineers, software engineers, IT specialists and computer scientists. 

Today the demand for tech-related professionals has soared more than ever before, which has led to a significant increase in the pay and other benefits for the people. Not only this, but computer scientists can impact the lives of the people around them significantly by their job role. They can make people’s lives easier by developing new softwares, microchips, and other hardware components.

What Essential Skills Do You Need to Become a Computer Engineer?

Every field always has basic requirements, and computer engineering has its own. Hard skills, such as a good grip over math, physics, and electrical engineering and a lot of soft skills are also required for this major. Some of these skills are listed below as:-

  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Analytical and diagnostic skills.
  • Software Development Understanding
  • Network and Database Knowledge
  • Coding and algorithmic skills.
  • Creativity in general.
  • Cryptography
  • Communication Skills
Apart from these, the skills you need also depend on the specific job description. People learn many things during their jobs, but they should know the above-mentioned skills already. A deep desire for growth and learning, and resilience make the tech industry a fruitful path for you. The chances of success increase exponentially as you aim for adaptability, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

What Essential Skills Required to Become a Computer Engineer?

In the field of computer engineering, there are different pathways. These pathways include computer hardware, software, network, and electrical engineering. Along with them are many computer engineering specializations, including hardware systems, cybernetics, robotics, computer graphics and visualization, computer and network security and distributed computing.


Being a combination of two advanced fields, software engineering is quite challenging. It can be made more accessible by building a solid foundation by understanding core concepts. Focus on understanding the fundamentals as their knowledge will aid you in advanced levels. It would be best if you also were very comfortable with abstract mathematical concepts, specifically linear algebra, graph theory and number theory. Along with it, a strong foundation in discrete mathematics is required.

Since computer engineering is Math, ask yourself, is math hard for you ?or was it your favorite subject in high school ?

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There is much scope for computer engineering. When choosing a major, computer science and engineering are at the top. The statistics reports are predicting a higher demand in future. It has the potential to outperform other professions and will always have a significant presence in the job market.
Yes, it offers you a great work environment, high pay, and good motivation to keep excelling in your life. It is an exciting and rewarding field but not very easy. You must keep learning and executing at any stage of your career.
Yes, there is a lot of progress in engineering still going on. There are so many companies hiring, and you have the chance to get good salaries and even the chance to work from home.

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