Is Computer Software Prepackaged Software a Good Career Path ?

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Is Computer Software Prepackaged Software a Good Career Path ?

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  • Is Computer Software Prepackaged Software A Good Career Path ?
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What are Prepackaged Softwares ?

The collected programs with similar functions or have the same features and are called Prepackaged Softwares.

One good example is the M.S. office which includes different applications such as Excel, Word, and Powerpoint. Other forms of package softwares are video and audio editing softwares that are also available as packaged software that is used for editing files of music and videos used in movies.

The central segment of the broader software industry is the packages software. It also includes custom software development services and systems integration . So the term packages are the opposite of customized software.The most significant benefit of choosing computer software as a career is the high salaries. Many people in this field earn six-figure salaries that are quite desired.

So short answer of question Is Computer Software Prepackaged Software A Good Career Path is BIG YES!

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Benefits of Being Computer Prepackaged Software Engineer

Attractive earning

Most people consider earning as a significant factor when they plan to choose a career path. As compared to other related industries, the pay offers of the computer software prepackaged industry are quite high.

Tremendous job opportunities

Due to the rapid growth in the tech industry, the demand for the products produced is increasingly high. It makes it a bit easier to get a job in this industry. If you have the proper certification, skills, and experience, it will not be a struggle for you to get a job that also pays you well.

Work from wherever you want

This career also gives you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. For those who dream of working from anywhere in the world and having the freedom to travel, computer software, the prepackaged software industry, is the perfect career choice for you.

Limitless growth possibilities

In this industry, the right person has endless growth opportunities. Your career growth and pay can be enhanced further as you acquire additional certifications and skills in the emerging areas of this industry.

Possibility to work remotely

The way the computer software prepackaged software industry provides the opportunity to work remotely is not at least provided by any other industry. You have the liberty to work from a cafe, home, shop, or office. It also lets you enjoy a better work-life balance.

Brilliant networking opportunities

This career allows you to meet and work with people outside your region and country. It will enable you to work with people from diverse cultures and even different professional backgrounds. Due to endless networking possibilities, people find working as computer software developers more interesting.

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Average Salaries of Computer Prepackaged Developers

System Engineer:-

Average Salary = 76,800$ per year.

Development Operations Engineers:-

Average Salary = 131,680$ per year.

Software Architecture:-

Average Salary = 128,311$ per year.

Technical Program Manager:-

Average Salary = 115,171$ per year.

I.T Security Specialist:-

Average Salary = 111,675$ per year.

Software Engineers:-

Average Salary = 108,249$ per year.

Site Reliability Engineers:-

Average Salary = 76,800$ per year.

Data Scientist:-

Average Salary = 127,000$ per year.

Enterprise Architecture:-

Average Salary = 166,188$ per year.

Computer system Engineer:-

Average Salary = 80,092$ per year.


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Is computer programming a good career? What Stats Says ?

The topic of computer programming is really into discussion these days. This world runs on technology and programming skills offers the best career options, from software engineering to front-end development.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there will be about 9,700 new openings for computer programmers per year. U.S. News rated computer programming jobs 11th among the best technology jobs.

The unemployment rate for computer programming jobs is at 2.7%, less than the national average of 4.5% in 2021.  So most programmers can start good career right after graduation

Examples of Coding Careers :

A few of the coding career examples are given below to give a glimpse of the range of this field and its scope.

1-Software Engineers :

The role of games, apps, and technology will play a more crucial part in our lives. Autonomous cars, robots, and futuristic shopping kiosks are all applications that rely on the softwares, and this software needs programming and development by human coders and human users.
Coding will be the backbone for mobile platforms such as phones and tablets.

2-Virtual World Creator and Augmented Reality :

Our lives will be changed immensely by V.R. and Augmented reality in the future. Now even virtual playgrounds are being developed to escape from reality.
These virtual technologies will be used to educate the children or to sell the products. As augmented reality and virtual reality become more of a routine that brands will use them to develop the world and sound their products, to connect better with the customers and the market.



The type of software is packaged already and available to be sold or distributed. Large companies usually create and develop such softwares and are sold to smaller businesses or individuals.
Just like every other career choice, there are some pros and cons of prepackaged softwares. The plus point is the high demand for these types of softwares. The constant need for new and upgraded softwares, so the market for these types of products will always exist. The downside of the prepackaged softwares is the cost to produce them and the risk that it will not sell or maybe outdated quickly by newer products.

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