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Js vs Jsx

In this article you will come to know the comparison between Js vs Jsx, advantages and characteristics in detail. So, let’s start!

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What is JS

JavaScript is a scripting language developers use to make their web pages more collaborative. JS is behind all the web activities of the web page, such as Slideshow plays, displaying the animated picture, or anything loaded by the webpage. So one can assume that JavaScript adds all the life and creativity to a website to transform it into something more engaging.

What is JSX

The complete form of JSX is JavaScript XML. It is a syntax extension for JavaScript that allows the usage of HTML tags right inside your JavaScript file. So you don’t need to create, configure and append the HTML tags through the JavaScript objects. Instead, you can create the elements such as XML-like syntax that will bring about the DOM elements for you behind the curtains.

JSX combines JavaScript and HTML, making the code easier to read and understandable for the user. So collaboration boosts the profits rather than separating the two. So visualizing DOM becomes easier. The HTML tags can be written directly inside the JavaScript code.

Both JS and JSX can be used for each other interchangeably but they are different in how the user interface is developed by them and how functionality is split across the apps.

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Characteristics of JSX

Speed :

Being an interpreted language Javascript lessens the time needed by other coding languages like Java for compilation.

Simplicity :

This language is easy to learn and understand. JavaScript is simple for both the developers and users as well. The implementation of this language is very easy, which saves the developers so much money for developing dynamic content for the web.

Server Load :

It operates on the clients-side so on the browser data validation is possible itself rather than sending it off to the server.

Interoperability :

Due to its nature of working perfectly with other coding languages a lot of developers choose it for many app developments. It can be embedded in any other webpage or inside the script of a different programming language.

Characteristics of JS

Scripting language :

It is a lightweight scripting language made for client-side execution on the browser.

Event Handling :

In a system, an event is an occurrence that delivers about the said occurrence so that it can be responded to accordingly. So using JavaScript you can handle the events and generate the custom events even. A good example of an event is when the user clicks the button and the system notifies you to respond to the action of the button click with an action.

Interpreter Based :

Instead of the compiled language Javascript is the interpreted language. So it is more like languages like Ruby, and Python. The source code of the JavaScript is interpreted by the browser, line by line, and runs it.

Light Weight :

Since it is not a compiled language so it does not get converted to byte-code beforehand. But the Just-In-Time compilation paradigm is followed by it. So it gets converted to the bytecode just before it is about to run. So due to this JS becomes lightweight. JavaScript is even able to run on less powerful devices.

Why Go with JSX | Advantages

Using React the logic rendering is inherently coupled with the other UI logics: How event handling is done, how over time the state changes, and how data is prepared for the display.

The React separates the concerns with the loosely coupled units known as the components, instead of separating the technologies artificially by placing the markups and logic in individual files. It is not mandatory to use JSX by React, but the majority of people get help from it as it serves as a visual aid for working with the UI inside the Javascript code. So React can show more useful errors and warning messages.

  • The code written by JSX is simple and elegant, especially when the code is large.
  • JSX provides a visual aid to the people when working with the UI inside the code of JavaScript.
  • React can show more useful errors and warning messages using JSX.
  • Using JSX is very convenient when developing React apps if the person knows HTML before.
  • JSX is faster than normal JavaScript due to the optimization performed as translating to regular JavaScript.

When Go with JS | Advantages

It is a lightweight, interpreted, or just-in-time compiled coding language with first-class functions. It is one of the renowned languages for web pages. It is also used by different other non-browser environments including Adobe Acrobat, Apache CouchDB, and Node.js.
The features of JavaScript include:-

  1. Multi-paradigm.
  2. Dynamic language.
  3. Prototype-based.
  4. Single-threaded.
  5. Supporting object-oriented.
  6. Declarative styles.
  7. Imperative styles.

Both JavaScript and Java Programming languages are different. Both of these are the registered trademarks of Oracle in the U.S and other countries. The syntax, semantics, and use of these programming languages are very different.


JS is a simple scripting language that adds functionality to your website. On the other hand, the JSX is the addition to the JavaScript syntax that is a merge of both the HTML and JavaScript.

Both these are replaceable but the code becomes easier through the JSX for the user to understand. In React, JSX is used popularly, so the job of building an app becomes much easier.

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