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React Native Developer Salary in 2022 | Complete Guide

What is React Native? And who is React Native Developer?

Facebook has launched React Native as an open-source mobile app used to develop Android and iOS apps. The react native leverages the React.JS library, which makes it easier for developers to perform mobile development as they maintain the same programming language and tech stack. A JavaScript developer that has learned the React Native Framework to develop cross-platform mobile apps is a React Native Developer. Below is complete details of salary of different levels developers:

Average React Native Developer Salary

According to talent average react developer salary is $125,875 per year or $64.10 per hour. To be a competitive candidate, stay at the top of the industry trends. The trending skills and technologies indicate the areas of expertise valued highly by employers.

Junior React Native app Developer Salary

The salaries of react software developers vary from country to country. The average junior developer salary is $70,571 annually in the United States. Similarly, the highest salary for this role is $99,328 annually in the United States. $50,140 per year is the lowest salary for this role in the United States.

Senior React Native app Developer Salary

The senior react software developer earns the highest at $162,000 per year in the United States. The salaries of react developers vary based on their locations, but many full-time remote positions are available. As a job seeker, you should start searching for a new role to expand your search to get all the in-person and remote opportunities.

How long does it take to become a react developer?

The solid foundational concepts will lead you to learn the basic React in 1-2 months. Due to the simplicity of the library, it is easy to get started. Continuous work on the language will lead you to become able to write enterprise-ready in 4-6 months.

Best companies for hiring remote react developer

The 10 best companies for hiring remote react developer in 2022 are the following:-

  1. FlexJobs. 
  2. Doist. 
  3. Swiftly. 
  4. Ghost.  
  5. TimeToRemote
  6. Toptal. 
  7. Automattic. 
  8. Hubstaff.
  9. Zapier. 
  10. Buffer.

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Frequently Asked Questions About React Native Developers

Is React native developer in demand?

Being a new and highly demanded job in the market, there is a high demand for react native web developers.

Is React Native worth it in 2022?

The best choice for cross-platform app development in 2022 is React Native. It is because of its intuitive architecture, live reloading, fast development times, and good performance and code reusability between platforms such as iOS, Android, and Web

How many days does it take to learn React?

It depends on the learning potential of the student but on average it takes 6 to 12 months to become from average to competent react native app developer.

Is React good for the future?

In terms of development React is the most important frontend library that can be used. It has become the future of web creation with the extra versatility and ease of use.

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