React Native vs Swift

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React Native vs Swift

Quick Summary : In this blog we have discussed :

  • React native vs Swift.
  • Common Features of swift and react frameworks.
  • Conclusion

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What is Swift ?

Swift is a coding language that is multi-paradigm and has multi-purpose. Developed by Apple by the open-source developers community. In 2014 it was released and was designed primarily to replace Objective-C, the early programming language of Apple. So it replaced the legacy of objective-C and now the code creation process is very easy and has no disadvantages. It is the most convenient way to create the iOS app. Swift is the innate language for iOS, watchOS and macOS.

What is React Native ?

It is a framework supported by Facebook. React Native is developed to build device-agnostic mobile apps. Most native apps use different coding languages for individual platforms. In contrast React Native is a Javascript based framework that makes it easy for the users to share the code between different platforms such as iOS, Android and web apps. This technology is used extensively and the most famous users of React Native include Facebook, shopify, Walmart apps and more.

Now mobile apps are not only the tool for solving the problems. They are becoming a part of every person’s life. Now apps are a tool of establishing the bond between the people and the companies. A user can have the brand 24/7 in their hands and their pockets just by having its apps installed.

App building is an expensive process, especially when it comes to cross-platform mobile app development. Any company who is building the app must address the requirements of both the iPhone and Android-powered devices.

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React Native Vs Swift | Head-to-Head

React Native
The user interface for the React app is user native
The user interface for swift is iOS native.
The coding speed of the React native is faster as 70%
The coding speed of the Swift is 33% low than react native
In terms of performance the React works best when optimizing the CPU
Swift works great with the computations on iOS.
The React is based on the prosperous community
Swift is comparatively new in terms of maturity
Development cost of the React it is basically lower than the swift
Swift has relatively higher costs than Rect native for app development
React developer has huge numbers
Number of swift developers is lower
React is 18 years old
Swift is just 8 years old
React native can be used for creating the cross-platform apps
while swift is used only for the Apple platform

Developing the app with swift had the advantage of better performance and let the developers get all the opportunities given by the iOS. Mostly the advantages are not that obvious as compared to the React Native vs Swift possibilities.

So for the app developed for the apple platform only, swift is the only option. You can get access to the latest technology and clients devices and operating systems features can be exploited by it. But swift developers are hard to find.

In the cases where the app will function on both the iOS and Android the advantages and disadvantages should be considered for example cost and app performance. For the apps having features that can only be handled by the native development swift native development should be used. If you can handle the moderate performance, low quality of UI, and gathered app complexity this can be achieved by the React Native.


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Conclusion : Deverloper's Choice

Both are brilliant platforms for mobile app development. Based on the requirements of the project one can be preferred over the other. For some of the given scenarios swift is better suited:-

  • Developing an app for iOS only.
  • Future maintenance considerations.
  • The app project needs a huge amount of platform-specific coding.
  • Apps for particular tasks, such as memory footprint management.
For some cases React Native is preferred such as:-
  • A small team with less budget that will be used for app creation for Android and iOS.
  • An app having the same look on various platforms.
  • Using the hot loading feature for rapid development.


It is a cross-platform framework. The functions and experiences of React Native are similar to the Native apps.

For the following cases react native must be used:-

  1. For the development of the Android and iOS apps with restricted budget.
  2. For building the app that looks uniform across all the platforms.
  3. When using the hot-reloading feature to increase the speed.

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