Types of software engineers


Types of Software Engineers

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The field of software engineering is vast. The roles of different software engineers are based on complexity, Scalability, usability or robustness of the application. There are different types of software engineers who have varied technical expertise, such as developing computer information systems to maintain network security for creating customer-facing web pages.

There are two basic different types of software engineers:-

  1. Application software developers.
  2. System software developers.
Software engineers develop different solutions, such as web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, operating systems, and network systems. Software engineers use programming languages, databases, frameworks and other tools and technologies to transform ideas into the desired products.
Here is a brief list different types of software engineers :

Frontend Engineer

A frontend engineer is specialized in User Interface and is known as a frontend engineer. The visual elements, such as the layouts and aesthetics, are included in the user interfaces. The role of the frontend engineer is to deal with cross-browser compatibility and fix the bugs to ensure the best visual presentation of the U.I. They deal with the code on various user devices, operating systems and browsers. It also includes developing a responsive application.
The average salary of front-end engineers is $110,000 a year, making them among the highest-paid software engineers.

Back-end Engineer

The backend engineer is the software engineer expert in underlying logic and app performance. Their role requires designing and implementing the core logic while keeping scalability in the account. The integration does this with the data systems, email systems, caches and using the APIs.
In the U.S., the highest salary of a Backend engineer is $173,829 per year.

Full Stack Engineer

Full Stack Engineer is the one who can handle both the frontend and backend. So they can develop utterly functional web apps. Glassdoor mentioned that the average salary of a Full-stack engineer in the U.S. is around $81,199 per year. The job of the full-stack developer differs depending on the organization type they join. So if working for the startups, they will be doing coding and weed. In larger organizations, they will work more in project management roles

DevOps Engineer

The job of the DevOps engineer is to help in the code releases and deployment. They work with software development and the I.T. operations departments and have immense knowledge of benchmarking, performance testing and I.T. operations. The average salary of a DevOps engineer is nearly $122,00 a year in the US. their role requires many non-coding tasks to boost workplace productivity. Their job involves analyzing the present technologies, benchmarking system performance, improving the I.T. infrastructures, and reporting and tracking errors.

Security Engineer

They protect the I.T. infrastructure of the company from malicious attacks. Their job includes screening the core I.T. infrastructure of the company for weaknesses and developing a set of robust measures to prevent future happenings. Their job roles also involve training the employees on the best practices and management of the advice on the investment to save the company’s computers and network systems.

Embedded Engineer

Their job role involves designing and implementing softwares for embedded devices and systems. Coding, debugging, designing, and testing the system softwares. The embedded engineers perform the software development. The embedded engineer must have all the knowledge of embedded systems. 

The embedded engineer earns an average of $108489 annually in the U.S.

Data Engineers

They are the I.T. worker who compiles data for analytical and operational usage. Their job roles involve data pipeline building for bringing together information from various source systems. They work to make data access easier and optimize the organization’s significant data ecosystems.

Machine Learning Engineers

They are vital members of the data science team. They perform the tasks of building, researching and designing the artificial intelligence system responsible for machine learning. The job responsibilities of machine learning include:-

  • Performing the statistical analysis.
  • Running A.I. systems tests and experiments.
  • Implementing the algorithms of machine learning.
  • Designing and developing machine learning systems.

According to Indeed, the average salary of a machine learning engineer is $120,549.

Mobile Engineer

The mobile app developer design and implement software programs for smartphones and other mobile devices. They are specialists in various operating systems, including Android and iOS. They address the user’s needs with data-driven strategies and use them to develop programs and apps.

The average salary of a mobile engineer is $79,719 per year.

Cloud Engineer

An I.T. professional responsible for the tech-related roles related to cloud computing, including the planning, designing, maintenance, management and support. It is a general term involving different roles, such as cloud architecture and software engineering. 

The average salary of a cloud engineer is $120719 year in the U.S.


Different Typers of Software Engineers Jobs

Different types of jobs software engineers can do includes:-

  1. Video Game Designer.
  2. CRM Project Manager.
  3. Quality assurance engineer.
  4. Security engineer.
  5. Front-end engineer.
  6. 3D graphics developers.
  7. Software integration Engineer.
  8. Data Scientist.
  9. DevOPs Engineer.
  10. Back-end engineers.
  11. Mobile developers.
  12. Data Scientists.

Final Words

No industry is complete without software engineers. A software engineer with authentic qualifications can work in any industry with any type of organization. Different types of software engineers are hired by IT firms, but other fields such as government agencies, NGOs, Healthcare facilities, logistics and transit companies need software.

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