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  • Why is the Web3 Developer salary high?
  • Factors that affect the average web3 developer salary?
  • Final Thoughts.

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Web3 Developer Salary | Based On Roles

Core Blockchain Developers :

In the blockchain industry, the mean wage of the blockchain developer is the highest. They are paid from $90,000 in Europe to the U.S. $250,000. But why do they get so much money? Because their jobs include programming, interoperability protocols, and connectivity for the safety and scalability of the blockchain network.

Full-Stack Developer :

The Full-stack Web3 developer earns less than the core blockchain developers. The reason is that they don’t create, maintain, and protect the blockchain. The Full-stack developer integrates the intelligent contracts into the blockchain; that’s why they earn higher than the Web3 Front-end developers.

Front-end Developers :

In Europe, the front-end developer earns an average of $78,000

In the U.S., they earn around $180,000. Per year the developer earns a mean income of $74,000.

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Web3 Developers Salaries | Around the World

  • In the USA, the mean salary of Web3 developers is $150,000.
  • The average salary of a Web3 developer in Asia is around $120,000.
  • The average Web3 developer’s salary in India is around $50,000. Those with experience of 6 or more years in India have an average income between $30,000 to $70,000. The reason is that the cost of living in India is less.
  • The mean Web3 developer’s salary in Singapore is around $ 135,000. 
  • The mean Web3 developer’s salary in Canada is around $ 60,000. This is due to the few working options in this specific areas.
  • The average salary of a Web3 developer in Europe is $145 000. Europe has some of the highest pay rates for web developers. The salaries of web developers range from $120,000-$200,000.

Why Web3.0 Developers Are Paid High

  • One of the reasons why Web3 developers are paid so well is because this field is new, and the skills required are rare as the concept is novel. A Lot of people don’t even know the term blockchain. The wages of web3 developers are higher as it is challenging to find an experienced web3 developer. Brilliant contract creation is a challenging field that needs special knowledge and skills.

  • Around the globe, Web3 developers are estimated at 0.5 million. Per month there are more than 18000 developers. The mind-blowing figure of web3 developers is 500,000, but this niche is still pretty unsaturated even then. It is a good option if you want to earn and enjoy technological development. The reason you can see into the financial and technological future gives you an edge in your career and society. The sector of Web3 is still juvenile.

Factors that Affect the Salary of Web3.0 Developer

One of the most in-demand professions in the tech industry is Web3 developers. This is because they build centralized applications, which are actually the backbone of Web3.
Other factors affect the earning range of the Web3 developers:-

  • Roles and Expertise
  • Specializaiton in the Field
  • Company
  • Certifications


The finest web3 developers can earn upto $1M/year. Web3 developers can work for multiple companies due to the remote jobs and increased contract work in the web3 field. The wages of web3 developers differ depending upon the developer’s position, location, and expertise.

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