What Do Capital Goods Jobs Pay?


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What do Capital Goods Jobs Pay? List of Top High paying jobs

What do capital goods jobs pay ? But first, we should know what capital goods are;

Definition :
Capital Goods are the fixed or tangible assets purchased by a business to build finished products or consumer goods. These goods include buildings, machinery, equipment and tools. They have other names such as plant, equipment and property.

One of the four factors of production includes capital goods. It indicates that businesses cannot run without them. The other 3 factors of production include:-

  • Natural resources such as Oil, land and water.
  • Workers who are laborers.
  • Entrepreneurship helps to create new companies.

What Do Capital Goods Jobs Pay

According to Salary below are the best-paying jobs in 2022.

1.Business Development Executive:

The average business development supervisor earns $130,023 till July 26, 2022. While the salary range is between $110,709 and $150,013 depends upon: 

    • Certifications.
    • Qualification level.
    • Experience in the professional field.

2.Manufacturing Executive:

The average gross salary of a manufacturing manager in the U.S. is $120,840 per year or $58 per hour. The average bonus a manufacturing manager gets is $9,764. The data on the pay expert shows that:-

  • The average pay of a manufacturing supervisor having 1 to 3 years of experience is $84,578.
  • A manufacturing manager, with more than 8 years, has an average wage of $150,102.
By reviewing the payment data of the manufacturing manager, one can estimate that the pay potential will increase by 11% in the coming 5 years.

3.Engineering Executive:

According to payscale research, the salary of an engineering manager is directly proportional to the experience. The average per year pay of an engineering manager is $119,036. It also differs according to the experience level in the field.

4.Software Developer:

The software developer has an average pay of $110,140 in 2020, among the top 25% of earners with a salary of $140,470. The bureau of labor statistics predicts the growth in the software development field in pay and job volume shortly. By 2030 the number of jobs will increase by 22%, and 409,500 new jobs will be created. The pay of a software developer also depends on the place of employment.

5.Electrical Engineer:

Career explorer states the average annual wage for an electrical engineer in the U.S. is $100,420. Based on the seniority level, there are many different wage categories:-

  • A top-level electrical engineer has a salary of $78.33 and a yearly wage of $162,930.
  • A senior-level electrical engineer has a wage of $61.81 per hour and a $128,560 yearly salary.
  • The hourly wage of a mid-level electrical engineer is $48.28, and the yearly salary of $100,420.
  • An hourly pay of a junior-level electrical engineer is $37.74, and per year they have a salary of $78,500.
  • The entry-level electrical engineer has a wage of $29.98 and a per-year salary of $62,360.

6.Industrial Engineer:

In May 2021, the average wage of an industrial engineer was $95,300. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wage of an industrial engineer, was $95,300 in May 2021. From 2020 to 2030, the growth in this field is estimated to increase by 14%.
The job roles of an industrial engineer include:-

  • Develop job evaluation programs.
  • Eliminate wastefulness in the production processes.
  • Analyze the production schedules, process flows and engineering demands. 

7.Project Executive:

In the U.S, the average wage of a project manager is $92,036 per year or can be $47.20 per hour. The experienced project supervisor earns upto $131,796 per year, while an entry-level project manager earns about $67,578 per year. The pay range of a project manager is affected a lot by their experience level.

8.Marketing Executive:

The wage data of marketing managers as follows:-
In the U.S the marketing manager receives an average salary of $88,827.
The average additional cash compensation for the marketing supervisor is $7,867.
The total compensation a marketing supervisor gets on average is $96,694.

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How Do Capital Goods Work?

  • These goods are used to produce other goods, unlike consumer goods. These goods don’t directly manufacture other products. Those are the raw materials. Buildings, machines and furniture are some examples of capital products. These goods aid in accelerating economic work.
  • The business’s growth and new manufacturing jobs are often driven by innovation in capital goods. The development of new capital products requires the business workers to learn new skills to operate these goods. Such skilled workers are also high in demand.
  • The monthly durable products order report measures the production of capital goods in the United States. The new orders, inventory and capital products shipments are reported by it. It can be the most driving economic indicator. Core capital products are the leading economic indicator that does not include aircraft and defense equipment. As the business orders more capital goods, it is a sign that production will increase, and the economy and GDP may also grow.
  • Capital goods jobs are largely technical and give different career openings. Away from a solid pay envelope, capital goods jobs offer different chops that may be applied across a huge number of technology fields. The capital goods assistance is a great position to work for folks interested in computer science or computer engineering. So it brings another answer to what capital goods jobs pay.

Is capital goods jobs pay enough to select it as a career?

You should consider a career in capital goods if you are passionate about manufacturing and construction. The capital goods industry also plays an integral role in technological advancement, so if you are passionate about tech and innovation, this might be your industry.
It is some of the few industries that will expand more and more in future. The capital goods jobs pay will surely rise as it is the most demanding domain, so it is a great field to select as a career.



Capital goods are a great career path for anyone interested in economics. They are necessary to produce consumer goods and directly impact the economy. Capital goods are also a great way to learn about different aspects of the economy and how they interact.

Capital Goods Jobs Pay depends upon your training, skills, and experience, you can earn health income in range of between $750,000-155,000 per year.

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