which native windows application allows you to access basic pc settings and controls


Which native windows application allows you to.....[ Answered ]

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In this blog we have answered some of the questions. 

  1. Which native windows application allows you to access?
  2. Which native windows application permits you to gain basic pc settings and controls?
  3. Which native windows application permits you to edit text files?

Which native windows application permits you to gain basic PC settings and controls?

The Windows native apps are the vast collection of apps that can deduce the secondary functionality of the Windows operating systems. It is a program computed through machine learning of particular hardware. Mainly the machine language of the specific hardware in which the functions are implemented. The CPU of the system has the compilation of the native applications. 

There are many functions of the native windows apps. In the operating systems, these apps are pre-installed, or they can be installed from the app store of the operating system. They are the same as the conventional windows apps, and the features of the native windows app are almost the same as the installed ones. The working process becomes smooth and easy by using native window apps. The native windows apps are well-defined systems applications used for performing some tasks and activities in the operating systems. 

The windows native apps can be used for the execution of the basic settings such as:-

  1. System time settings.
  2. User accounts settings.
  3. Program uninstallation settings.
  4. Hardware and sounds setting.


It is better to go for the window native apps for each setting that you want to execute. So the native apps connect the settings and execution of the commands.

These settings can be accessed easily by the control panel or a windows native application so that the settings mentioned above can be accessed directly. The windows critical can help access the control panel and is a bit longer. Which native windows apps allow you to execute various functions can be inferred easily. Windows native apps can be developed by learning programming languages. 

So it is easier to format the system, but in this case, only when you have backed up everything else from elsewhere. 

Answer :

The one-word answer to this question is The Windows System Control Panel. You can access the basic PC settings with this application, but also it acts as the core hub of the information related to the hardware and software of your machine. It is one of the essential tools for keeping the computer in better shape and running smoothly. 

It isn’t easy to know where to start as there are so many ways to configure your computer. 

The combined space for all these settings and controls is the control panel. So you can easily find what you are looking for in the windows search bar. You can change the settings by different windows applications, but this depends on exactly what you want to change. 

Solution :

For example, if you want to alter the display settings, such as the brightness or the wallpaper, then using the control panel is the best option. 

1. Go to start 

2. Enter Run

3.Enter  Control

You can have more control over your connection by the network settings that would need another application, Network Connections. 

The best job you can do with the control panel includes:-

  1. Formulate your display settings. 
  2. Formulate your wallpaper or theme. 
  3. Supervise your user accounts. 
  4. Formulate your internet and network settings. 
  5. Setting up the printer.

Which native windows application permits you to edit text files?

There are two built-in Text Editors in the native windows applications:-

  1. Notepad. 
  2. Wordpad. 


It is an essential app for note-taking. Wordpad has more features than notepad. Notepad is like the flattened version of Word. 


  1. Click on the Start Button and type Notepad or Word pad. 
  2. Open it from the resulting list or right-click the application in the resulting list and select the pin to start. This will put a new title on the Start Menu for that application.

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