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Why Amazon Interview Question | Explained Everything

Most big names, such as Amazon, want to determine if you are the best fit for the company. So your technical skills will be judged by the recruiters with the coding challenges. Not only this, but they will also be accessing your behavioral skills. During the interview, the most repeatedly asked behavioral question was, “Why do you want to work at Amazon?” or “Why Amazon” interview questions. This sounds like an effortless question, but so many people struggle to answer this, even if they are passionate about the work position at Amazon.

Why Amazon Ask this Question ?

Due to its competitive salaries and other benefits, many software engineers want to work at Amazon. When a hiring manager asks you why you want to join amazon, they want to hear what else impels you to join their teams. In the hiring process, at this point, the interviewers already know about your work experience. So they want to test if you are a fit for their culture and if you will stay for a long time there. Jeff Bezos has the goals set forth and hiring slogans that show they are searching for people having an investment in the company more than just a paycheck. Of Course, there is no one correct answer to this question, but a good answer specific for you and amazon as well. So on these topics, you can talk about:

  • Products of Amazon :

It’s a good idea to mention any specific product that interests you. So if someone is giving an interview for AWS, they should mention the default cloud development platform as their favorite product.

  • People :

Mentioning the employees from amazon is also a good idea. Suppose you know any people from amazon who mention how their positive experiences motivated you to apply. It will give an image that you have a well-grounded understanding of Amazon as a company.

  • Values/Mission :

You can show that you are a big fan of leadership principles and the mission of amazon, and you align with them closely. Mention the times when those values shined in your past job experiences. It will also depict that you have done your research.

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How to answer this tricky question ?

The above points gave you an idea of what makes a good solid answer. So, preparing your answer is easier than you think.

First Step :

The 1st step should be thorough research about the Amazon company. It would help if you brainstormed particular ideas.

  • Apart from the salary, what makes you excited about the company?
  • Which principles of leadership do you want to apply specifically?
  • Any favorite products from Amazon?
 Second Step :

The next step should be evaluating the job description.

  • What is so interesting about this role?
  • Why do you think that this role is aligned with your career?
  • What do you think you can offer as an employee?
  • What are your expectations from this job?

Now start devising 2-3 paragraphs of responses that depict your inspirations. First, start with free-writing and then record yourself talking. So when you are done with the basics, add more precisions. Be sure to add on some leadership principles and one or two products of Amazon. Do add some personal touches and emotional gerunds such as Thrilling, excited, ambitious, and inspired. So it is wise to have a simple outline with keywords so you can remember it easily. This approach will help you in a virtual interview as you can have sticky notes with the main points you want to address.

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Important Points to Consider

  • What is my favorite aspect about Amazon?
  • Customer-oriented, continuous learning for the employees and Creative ML applications.
  • What are my favorite tools to use? AWS.
  • What do I cherish about this role? Searching for novel ideas, using customer insights to develop designs.
  • What leadership principles do I symbolize? Customer fascination, Thinking big, and curiosity.
  • Any personal references do I have on Amazon? Any former co-worker.
Once you have got your timeline, then go on with your practice. Practice to the point that you start having it naturally. As in the live interview, you will not be reading your script. So what you should do is memorize the focused points, ideas, and facts that are worthy enough to be mentioned in your response.
Remember that you cannot extemporize this question at that moment. Surprisingly behavioral interviews are crucial and stretching.

Keep Away From These 5 Mistakes

These are some usual mistakes that most candidates make with this question. The poor answers are primarily generic and built on past experiences rather than values and goals.

  • Prestige : 

There is some pull in Amazon, and so job seeker are attracted to its reputation. But you cannot express the value you bring to a brand by liking its name only. What Amazon is looking for is a more profound incentive. An answer that is only revolving around prestige may sound immature.

  • Company Size :

One of the glorious reasons can be that you want to work for Amazon as it is a big tech company rather than a startup. It may sound great, but it doesn’t align you with Amazon more than big names like Facebook and Google. This question intends to learn why amazon is a good choice for you, not why the size of Amazon as a company is right for you.

  • Money :

Another reason for choosing Amazon is their pay or soaring stock prices, which is okay. But the problem is that this is not a long-lasting reason. This answer does not show your employee value and is not aligned with the company. It’s Okay to mention the rising stock prices, but this should not be the primary motivation.

  • “I hate my job”:

This could be the worst answer. I hate my current job; it limits me, so I want to work at Amazon. Understandably, some people hate their current jobs, but this could not be a good inducement. This approach will portray you as a desperate person and not show why you fit in for Amazon.

  • Past Experiences : 

“My experience is what you are looking for.” As the above question, this does not dive deep enough, as it may sound arrogant. Because you are selling your motivation to Amazon, not your expertise, it is not the appropriate time to mention it. It is better to integrate your experiences as long as they advocate sound motivations.

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